La Digue

A marvel. A simple word but one that conveys so many aspects of the Seychelles’ third-most inhabited island. The coastline, one bewitching bay after another, is studded with heart-palpitatingly gorgeous beaches. The hilly interior is cloaked with a tangled jungle, tall trees and wild hiking trails. Yet, miraculously, despite being just a 15-minute ferry journey from Praslin, the vast majority of it is untouched by development. You don’t have to look further than Anse Marron – it’s one of the planet’s most beautiful beaches but accessible by foot only. And even where infrastructure exists – around the sleepy tropical port in La Passe and Anse Réunion – everything is so laid-back that visiting feels like a step back in time. One of the most charming elements is that the preferred method of transport here, the old-fashioned bicycle, with trucks, taxis and electric carts left to make guest appearances.

Places To See


One of the world famous and renowned beach on La Digue. In the most recent search for the world’s most beautiful beach it came out second only to the Maldives.


The longest beach on La Dique with large granite rock formations from million years ago, this beach is one of the best on La Digue island for surfing it’s high rolling waves.


This Nature Reserve is home to the endemic Paradise Flycatcher, which the locals call it Veuve and other elusive birds. The reserve is very quiet with only the sound of the birds performing the symphony from the sky. Visitors are required to leave only foot prints behind and noise to a very minimum and enjoy the tranquillity.


Anse Cocos is just opposite Petite Anse and accessible via a thirty minutes walking trail from Grand Anse beach where you have to leave your bicycles or from Anse Fourmi


This beautiful sandy beach with shallow and calm water, is highly recommended for snorkelling and swimming. You can grab a snack or a very tasty and freshly blended fruit juice made mostly from the local fruits, served on your beach towels.


The L’Union Estate Park comprises of a Coconut and Vanilla Plantation, Tortoise Pen, old fashion Copra Mill and the cemetery of the first settlers of La Digue Island.


This trail on La Digue leads to one of the most spectacular views of the island. This place is by far the island’s highest point where you will be able to see Felicite, Marianne, Fregate, Praslin and all the marine park islands around Praslin and La Dique.


A spectacular beach which is definitely a must-see on La Digue. The granite rocks have formed a natural swimming pool with shallow water for the perfect romantic swim while you are protected from the open ocean. Believe me you will be tempted but be careful because the small fish can also use the internet. This beach, my favourite, is accessible from Anse Source D’argent or from Grand Anse for the more adventurous, and requires a local Tour Guide.